What to consider

Consider what you want in and from your temporary home in Accra and make a list of your needs.

 Do you want a flat or a house with garden, considering pros and cons?

Living in a house is great, with its privacy, sometimes a pool, and a garden that can be turned into paradise with a good gardener and Ghana’s sun and rain. However, one must realize that living in a detached house brings extra work and expenses, such as being responsible for security staff, pool maintenance and gardening and fiddling around with a generator and water tanks. Gated communities, mostly flats but sometimes houses or townhouses, make things much easier. See a selection of townhouses.

• Do you need a furnished or unfurnished home? 

Bringing your own furniture in your container could be the best option as the offering in Ghana basically falls in three categories: locally made bamboo and cane furniture of acceptable design and affordable prices, items imported from China and other countries with low quality design at prices comparable to items found in the West, and expensive high quality imported furniture.
Renting furnished housing is the solution for short-term stays and can also be chosen for longer ones.
Used furniture can be found in our website's Classifieds and sometimes on our Facebook group (where you can post your requests) and page.

• Do you have children?   

Driving time is an important consideration when selecting which area of a city to live in, as serious morning (southbound) and evening (northbound) traffic congestion can lead to long commutes. Considering the traffic situation in Accra, it is advised to reside in an area near the chosen school to make the children’s commute as short as possible. Also, as the best schools are often full, your children may attend different schools in separate areas. See our Map of Residential Areas, Map of International Schools and Guide on International Schools. See also the “Where to Live” section of this guide.

• Do you want to live near a busy commercial setting or in a quieter residential area?

Being at a walking/short drive distance of shops and restaurants may make up for living in a busier area.
Beside school and work location and the type of area, location is very important and will determine the convenience and comfort for your family and yourself. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice about location at

• Are you bringing pets with you?

Some landlords do not accept pets in their leased properties (mostly in the case of apartments).
See the "How To with pets" page.

• Other considerations which are particular to you and your family.

Different people have different needs and wants, therefore, you will need to identify them, like the kind of facilities you are looking at. A lap pool with a Jacuzzi or a tennis court or basketball court? A gym? Or simply a nice garden or common area? After combining what you want, it will be easier to find what you need. Also, are you family-oriented and will spend most times at home or are you a single person who plan to have a busy social life?

• What is your budget and is the price the deciding factor?

You should definitely plan a budget range and try to stick to it. First, is it a personal lease or company paid? Determine what you can actually afford for your home in Ghana, taking into consideration what the residential rental market is as far as prices and all sides expenses (see Know What to Expect” and “Additional costs); without forgetting the costs involved at the start (moving expenses, home set-up, agency fees, etc.).

Budgeting yourself will also determine which areas and properties are suitable. Once you establish your requirements, you are better equipped to find a property as close to your needs as possible. If you know the property you are looking for will cost you more than you initially planned, you are then better placed to plan budget cuts elsewhere to allow for a higher rent, or revise your list of requirements.

You should as well define a time frame within which you wish to close the rental transaction.Best Replica Watches That will affect how you will proceed and the scope of your search.

Should you not want to do a search yourself among all available rental properties in the Residential Rentals section, you may send in your requirements to Property using the "Send your requirements" box and we will contact you with a shortlist of matching properties. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at

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