Renting or Buying

When relocating overseas, you have these two housing options. As a general rule, should your overseas assignment be for the usual posting term of 2 or 3 years or you are not sure how long are you are staying in your foreign location, then purchasing a property may not be in your best interest, unless you do so for investment purposes.

Besides assignment duration, the type of country your are moving to is a major factor: in a developed country like France for example, 64% of expatriates have chosen to buy a property* (and in Singapore or Dubai for example) but, for many reasons, it is uncommon to do so in developing countries like Ghana, except for people moving to restart their life here, like Returnees from the Diaspora or spouses of Ghanaian nationals. This said and with regards to the high rent levels in Ghana, buying should be considered by anyone planning to stay longer than the average posting and/or looking for investment.

One other issue to consider is availability of good properties for sale. Things have changed a lot in Ghana in the past decade and several professional real estate developers have and are building quality properties comparable to what is found in developed countries.

This is why, combined with the high cost of renting in Accra, we now offer an investment service to our clients, proposing to search and buy a property while renting the first year while, live rent-free during the 2 or 3 remaining years of the posting and then, receive ongoing rental income under our management, with comparably high returns.

You can check the quality of projects offered on the residential property market in the Residential Rentals section. You can also contact us directly at for personalized advice on the matter.

* Source: HSBC (2008)

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