The right choice of accommodation plays a significant role in the success of an assignment abroad.

In addition, finding a home in a developing country is no doubt a challenge. Indeed, locating the right house or flat can be a daunting experience. If you have never gone through this, you could be naive to many aspects, including unethical practices. Additionally, the real estate service sector in Ghana is unregulated.

By being resourceful, doing your homework ahead of time and finding the best local help you can get, it can become a managable task and the successful first step of your new posting in Ghana.

Unlike Dubai or Singapore, renting is the main housing option chosen by expatriates and companies in Ghana but the fact that renting is less of a commitment than a home purchase doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest time to get the right information, adapt your requirements, plan well and choose the right professionals to ensure you rent the right house first time round.

Therefore, understanding rental real estate in Ghana is a necessary first step and we, at  Property, hope the information we have put together for you in this Residential Rental Guide will help with that.

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