Short-term stays

The problem with the situation of short-term accommodation in Accra is not new but has worsened, although solutions exist. Indeed, the offer is limited, not thoroughly identifiable and the demand has grown in the past years, from a variety of professionals from different sectors.

The fact is that not everyone is moving to Ghana for the usual posting of two or three years or can commit to leasing a property for a year of more. More and more expatriates and companies are looking for short-term accommodation.

Considering this, Property decided to address the short stays issue by selecting and including a selection of serviced apartments in the best areas of Accra in the Residential Rental section and designed that section to offer a direct search based on the desired length of stay. Also, the minimum lease duration and advance rent payment required clearly appear in each Property page, next to the rent.

The main solutions for short stays are:

Serviced apartment complexes
– ideal for stays below 6 months.
These properties of 6 to 50 units offer studios to 3-bedroom apartments that come fully furnished and equipped (appliances, kitchenware, linen, etc.) and are all-inclusive with cleaning, change of linen, utilities, Internet, cable TV subscription, generator fuel, 24/7security and use of common facilities.
Prices are high but not when compared to stays at good hotels. Serviced apartments are in any case much nicer to stay at, with more space, a kitchen, a living area and a home feel.
Note that the new trend for prices is to be electricity exclusive for stays of more than a month.

These properties are available for weekly or monthly stays (at a lower rate). Each property page shows all rates. 
This type of accommodation is very practical as you can move-in with your suitcase only in a fully ready-to-use and hassle-free place. Also, while searching for a Home, serviced apartments are often a good solution to ease the relocation process when arriving in Accra and avoid long and costly stays at hotels.
Locate them
In the Residential Rental section, the best way to find serviced apartments is to select "Fully serviced" in the Serviced field or “Monthly” in the Duration field in the Search box on the left.

Semi-serviced furnished apartments - for stays above 3 and 6 months.
There is surprisingly a reasonable offer of furnished and equipped apartments, often 3-bedroom units, accessible for stays as short as 3 month in various good areas of Accra. They include everything, down to kitchenware and linen, and are semi-serviced, meaning that some utilities and house-cleaning is included.
Locate them
Select “Furnished” and/or “Semi-serviced" or "2 to 5 month" in the Search box on the left.

For between 6 and 11 month stays, the offer is even wider as more landlords are now flexible and accept leases shorter than the one-year standard.

To find out all available options, we invite you  to do a search
in the Residential Rental section or fill the "Send your requirements" box or to simply write us at with your precise requirements.

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