Cost of Services

Residential rentals leasing fees
For leases of one year or more, real estate agents in Ghana customarily receive the equivalent of one-month rent from the tenant. That represents 8.33% of the rent paid for one year. Property and its partners charge the standard one-month rent as fees.
For shorter leases of five to eleven months, the leasing fee is 10% of the total rent paid.
For short-term stays of four months or less, the leasing fee is 15% of the total rent paid.

The fees are exclusive of Ghana's 18.125% Value Added Tax (corporate clients only).

At no occasion will there be other fees for a transaction.
We do not charge
for processing the renewal of leases except when we obtain a reduction of rent for our clients.

Leasing fees are due in full after the signing of lease agreements, independently of possible rent payment plans negotiated with landlords on behalf of our clients.

Residential sales fees
For residential property purchases, real estate agents in Ghana customarily receive 2.5 to 3% of the sale price from buyers.

Commercial leasing and sales fees
The leasing fee is customarely one-month rent.
Kindly inquire for specific properties and for sales.


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