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In 2013, after three years of experience in Ghana and in line with its mission to make relocations to Ghana as smooth as possible, planned and designed a real estate service with the aim of bringing the best property solutions to expatriate individuals, foreign companies, diplomatic missions and international organizations, coupled with personalized quality service.

The main driver behind this comprehensive
project was the difficulty to identify good professionals handling real estate in the quite unregulated Ghanaian market and access ready-to-move-in, secure and trouble-free accommodation of international standards. The important element has been our desire and ability to partner with reputable local agents, property managers and developers already established in the residential and commercial sectors, giving our clients access to the largest portfolio of international standards properties in Accra.

As expatriates working for expatriates in a developing country, we know the importance of relationships, reputation and service. Whether already in Ghana or still in one of the
150 countries our website receives visits from, our clients appreciate the level of customer service and the depth and expanse of local knowledge of our real estate team and of the website's selected partners.

Mindful of the need for reliability and efficiency, accraexpat.comProperty offers the combination of the best platform and service to complete real estate transactions in Ghana with minimum stress and make the first but important step of a posting in Ghana a successful one.

Whether you need rental accommodation for a short stay or your full posting, plan an investment or need a commercial property that answers your business needs, Property, its staff and partners look forward to being at your side, from assisting in identifying needs to selecting, executing and a smooth tenancy.

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Looking forward to welcoming and assisting you in Ghana.

Thank you. Property team