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The University of Ghana International Students Association (UGISA)

International students
Year created:          
No of members:      1000+
Contact name:        Nnamdi Ohieri
Contact number:     
Email:                    jawandolanre@yahoo.com

The University of Ghana International Students Association (UGISA) is an association comprising of foreign students from all over the world, with a population of over 1000 students.

The International Programs Office (IPO) of Ghana’s premier University
categorized International Students into regular undergraduates (80%), visiting studentship (6%), occasional studentship (4%), and Graduate studentship (2%).

The majority of the students come from African countries including Nigeria (80%), Angola, Sierra Leone, Togo, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, Malawi, Gabon, etc. European countries include the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, etc. Asian countries include China, Japan, Korean, India, Bangladesh, etc. The majority of non-African students come from the United States and Canada.

Visit the University of Legon International Programmes Office page.

There is a We are students in Ghana page on Facebook.


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