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Posted: Aug 13, 20
By: ada

West African culture similar to Ghanaian culture

mportance of Eyo Festival | Yoruba Culture

Eyo is a part of the masquerades in Yoruba Land that comes out during a special event in Lagos.

 Masquerades in Yoruba Land are regarded to as the spirits from the dead. 

The Eyo masquerade, also known as “Adamu Orisha’s play”, has five Orisha (deity).  

They are usually identified using their “Aga,” which usually vary from one group to another.

Origin The festival is the most popular event in Lagos and was staged at Oke Ipa to honor the late king of Lagos, Oba Akintoye, in 1854 (the first documented event).


Source: https://dakingsman.com/2020/08/12/importance-of-eyo-festival-yoruba-culture/

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