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LIFE IN ACCRA - The “At Least Two But Not More Than 18th Annual Value Wine Tasting”

Oct 25, 12 - Comments


From our American Members Wes Shrum and Matthew LeBlanc


Ok, we admit it—no one can remember how many years we’ve been tasting wines.  Eighteen 18 years ago there was not much wine to taste, so maybe we shouldn’t even count it.  And then there’s the memory factor, which does not make things any easier.

We again give the expat community our review of CHEAP RED WINE for 2012.  Of course, many people participated in this, but their anonymity will be respected!

First thing is to go to Osu and buy a lot of wine.  But you should take our recommendations seriously, because, for starters, all these wines are VERY CHEAP.  This year, because of the change in the value of the cedi, we have increased our top price.  We were willing to pay almost ten US$ for a bottle of wine.   In a few cases the wine is undrinkable — but very mind those.

Last year, things were very complex, and if you read our review it was “too many notes” so to speak.  There were three different quantitative ratings.  Although we were pleased to see the high level of consistency, it left our head spinning a bit, and we had to use calculators, and all other kinds of complex technologies like pen and paper to keep track of all these entries. 

This year, we decided to simplify.  We will not give all the details of our methodology—not because it’s a secret, but because we don’t think you care all that much.  The main difference was that we divided up the bottles by region: France / Spain / US , etc. and narrowed it down that way, before doing the final tastings.  All wine was red.  That’s all you really need to know. 

We give the Dishourable Mention Award to El Emperador, which was one of the first place finishers last year and dropped to (nearly) deadlast.  Very poor value, although you can say for 6 cedis does it really matter all that much?  It’s got a beautiful label, though.  You might also wish to know Opera Prima would have done well, but we were unable to include it in the final round because of its popularity among the expat gate crashers who drank two much at the semi-finals.

And the winner (good price & good wine) is Lutzville Shiraz.  Very close second is Western Cellars.  You might give them a try when you are out and about.


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