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  • LIFE IN ACCRA - Results of the 2016 Expat wine tasting....

    A new post from our American Members Wes Shrum and Matthew LeBlanc, following their first THE “AT LEAST TWO BUT NOT MORE THAN 18th ANNUAL VALUE WINE TASTING” Blog post on October 25, 2012.   PORTUGAL DEFEATS ARGENTINA IN WORLD CUP While neither Ronaldo nor Messi was on the pitch at the finish, the winner was Portugal in extra time.  ...
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  • TRAVEL - Wonderful vacation at Principe Island in Sao Tome & Principe

    Bom dia (hello in Portuguese), I wrote this trip report because the place where we vacationed is really unique in West and Central Africa, as the resort we stayed at, and this new destination from Accra should become a favorite one for many of us in Ghana. Early March, we spent a week in Sao Tome and Principe, one of the smallest African countries, made of two islands about 250km from the coast of Gabon. Independent since 1975 after 500 years under Portuguese control, thes...
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  • LIFE IN ACCRA - A Sunday tour in Accra on two wheels

    It was not the first time I cycled along the seaside on a Sunday, around old Accra at Jamestown and then west, past where the Korle Lagoon joins the sea, then on the Old Winneba Road also called the Beach Road towards Dansoman and the large natural Densu delta area that extends all the way to Krokrobite. The Beach Road is parallel to the other entrance to the whole area: Guggisberg Avenue where the well-known Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital is located, just west of Ring Road. That Su...
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